Routine Veterinary Services

We are an integrative practice offering routine services such as vaccination, dental cleanings, blood panels, fecal exams and minor surgeries in addition to our specialized training in complementary and alternative care.  Technician appointments are available to current patients for anal sac expression and toe nail trims.  We work to resolve anal sac problems by improving diet and digestion.

Our vaccination protocols are tailored to each individual patient based on exposure to disease and immune status.  We offer vaccine titer blood tests to determine need of booster vaccines.  The vaccines we use are mercury free when available.

Dental cleanings are done under full anesthesia when there is significant periodontal disease or extractions are warranted.  We offer non anesthetic dental cleanings for more mild dental disease in between anesthetic cleanings.  This may lessen the need for anesthetic cleanings and improve the overall health of the animal.

We offer surgical treatment when it is the best option for the patient’s condition.  Our surgery room is for minor soft tissue surgical procedures such as small to medium sized masses on or under the skin, eyelid tumors and oral masses, skin biopsies, and feline/ canine neuters. Orthopedic procedures, more major soft tissue surgical procedures and intra- abdominal surgery such as a spay surgery are referred to board certified surgeons in the area.

We offer in house ultrasound and echocardiograms by appointment with Dr Yanik who is a board certified veterinary radiologist and Dr Woodfield who is a board certified veterinary cardiologist.

We work with Animal Emergency Hospital in Redmond who will perform routine x-rays for our patients on a referral basis.