Dr. Fred ChardDr. Fred Chard

Dr. Chard received his DC degree from Western States Chiropractic, Portland, Oregon in 1977, and moved to Hawaii to start his practice. While in chiropractic practice there, he also attended the Amerasian Acupuncture Institute in Honolulu, Hawaii. Dr. Chard then moved to Washington, and worked with a holistic veterinarian in Renton from 1989 to 2001. In 2005, Dr. Chard was awarded his national certification in non-needle ear acupuncture by the Auriculo Therapy Institute of Los Angeles, California. Dr. Chard is a contributing author to the textbook, “Acutonics, There’s No Place Like Ohm”. His chapters include alternative treatments for large and small animals. He has been with the Animal Healing Center since 2006.

Chiropractic therapy helps dogs and cats with many back problems and other health challenges. Like humans, dogs and cats also have spines which are composed of small bones called “vertebrae”. Their tails are composed of vertebrae as well. Typical injuries Dr. Chard treats for dogs include slipping on wet grass, jumping too high, stepping in a hole, dog fights, or overall loss of movement due to aging. Also, certain dog breeds tend to get muscle tension which can pull on their limbs or spine and thus make them more prone to injury. Typical injuries Dr. Chard treats for cats include falls while jumping, neck injuries, tail injuries, and cat fights.

Dr. Chard sees animal patients at Animal Healing Center every Wednesday.