Naturopathic Supplementation

At the Animal Healing Center we have a substantial inventory of supplements based on flower essences, plants, vitamins and minerals to support your animal companion. These products are used in place of or in combination with western drugs to alleviate your animal's aliments.

Dr. Siegler and Dr. Reising enjoy continually learning about therapies to help animals feel better and thrive. They subscribe to both animal and human health journals to stay up to date on the latest research and products available.

A few of their favorite journals are Townsend Letter and Integrative Veterinary Care Journal.

Other online sources of information that you may enjoy as well are Green Med Info's or Dr. Mercola's website.

The Animal Healing Center carries name brand products such as Thorne, Standard Process, Pure Encapsulations, Rx Vitamins, Kan Herb, and Vetri Science which can be trusted for their research on bioavailability and efficacy in your companion animals.