Vicki DraperVicki Draper    

Vicki Draper is a highly regarded modern day animal healer and author who supports family animals with health, harmony and ease addressing wellness during every stage of your animal's life. With her skill set, she serves people locally and nationally and internationally.  

A natural born animal communicator, Vicki's qualifications as a healer for both people and animals include being a licensed massage therapist, a certified acupressurist and Reiki Master/Teacher, and training in craniosacral therapy.  She is featured in multiple books and magazines, creator of natural healing products sold around the country and parts of the world.

Vicki lives in the Greater Seattle Area with her daughter, Miranda, and 2 cats, Spirit and Sapphire.  She loves to walk in nature daily connecting with herons, eagles and wildlife bringing nature's wisdom into her life and healing practice.